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Cinque Terre
Mountains and fjords
Northern Lights
Nature and sunrise
Mamiya 50mm + Polaroid Land + Canon 5d
This camera combines a Mamiya 105mm with a Polaroid Land camera and a Canon DSLR. This lens is extremely sharp but also has a very pleasing painterly blur. This lens doesn't have an adjustable aperture and sits wide open at f5.6. The camera is most suitable to photograph objects at a mid range, a subject sitting roughly 5 - 10ft away from the photographer. But also can also shoot objects as close as a 1ft from the lens to getting infinity focus when doing landscape photography.

This camera setup is what I like to call a "floppy." The lens plane doesn't sit on a fixed rail like most traditional analog cameras from this era but is free to flop around any way that the photographer wants. This allows for a lot of creative freedom in what you want to have in focus in the frame. By slightly adjusting the lens plane with your hand you can tilt or swing it in any direction you please to either put everything in tack focus or for example just focus on a persons eyes and leave the rest of their face out of focus. Or to put the focus just on the person walking through the park and let everything else be blurry.

Canon 5d not included!!!!! This camera mounts bayonet style onto the 5d like a lens. Twist on like you would any other lens.

Have a camera other than a 5d? Drop me a line and maybe I can FrankenCamera that together. 750$


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